Affordable software for your domain

Many research and business organizations have a predicament - how to develop quality software without the budget or workload to justify hiring a full-time programmer. Often, they have projects that

  • are aging and need domain-driven or technological updates
  • fit with a part-time, short-term, or occasional work model
  • linger in the background, waiting for a burst of activity
  • must be completed on a tight budget
Nevertheless, these projects require problem solving and careful thought. They require somebody who can grasp the problem domain quickly while employing modern software practices. In short, someone who can tend to the details without missing the forest for the trees.

You can hire an IT firm (with higher rates that support their overhead) or ask someone on your staff to do a little coding, but it might take them a while to get up to speed. Deep Green offers another alternative, in the form of one focused, experienced, and reliable individual.

If your organization has technical software projects that fit the above description, learn more about Chris' story and the expertise he can bring to bear on your problem.