Christopher Stolte, Founder

Christopher Stolte, Founder
Chris is a full stack software engineer with 15+ years of experience designing and implementing software solutions. He has a passion for building quality software, particularly in the realms of scientific research and innovative small business. That passion has propelled him to successful stints developing software in a diverse set of contexts:
  • for geophysicists, who use the GPS constellation to study tectonic plates, earthquakes, and volcanoes
  • for environmental scientists, who model air dispersion and use census data to predict human health risks from exposure to air pollution
  • for leaders in affective computing, who use wearable devices to understand and treat autism
  • for data managers, who steward personal biomedical data in service of public health studies
  • for advertising agencies, who use the APIs of social networks like Twitter to innovate better search algorithms

He has worked with early stage startups, public research institutions, and large corporations - everything from experimental technology all the way to well established processes. His development methodology is mature, reliable, and sensible.

Oh, and that real-world experience? It's built on a degree in computer science and mathematics from the University of Wisconsin, where he acquired a solid grounding in algorithms, data structures, software engineering, and general abstract problem solving.

Check out some of the projects Chris has worked on at Deep Green.